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If things don’t work out for Bernie Sanders he can always leave politics and go into fast food…

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H/t to the Facebook friend who suggested this concept.

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  • Walt Reis

    Morons who don’t know the difference between Communism and a Social Democracy are the type who create and post idiotic, irrelevant and erroneous nonsense like this.

    • American Irony

      The utter lack of substance in your “rebuttal” is all anyone needs to know about who the real moron here is.

      I know leftists think they’re being cute pretending there is nuance to their anti-liberty and even tyrannical tendencies of their ideology, but thoughtful people know better.

      Also, if you knew anything about his history you would know that Sanders is nothing if not a communist.

    • Phil me Cracken

      Guess what Walt, the term social democracy was coined by communist Vladimir Lenin during the communist revolution you dunce. So it stands to reason that all you do is post that ” morons don’t know the difference” when you yourself cannot offer up a difference either. Which is what all the B.S. Boot licking stooges like you ever say. Your failed communist curmudgeon thinks he can get away with using that term to hide his evil
      Just like Vladimir Lenin did.
      Nope sorry Walt, Bernie Sanders is most certainly a Sandinista loving, Che Guevvera boot licking , Soviet supporting communist idiot.

      • The voice of reason

        I live in Canada, which is as socialist as bernie would ever make America, and it’s not perfect, but it’s pretty fuckin good. I’m 22 and made 12$ an hour at my first job, and I’m going to college this year and won’t have to pay back my student loans until i make 25,000 a year. And, if ANY healthcare is needed, it’s free. Cancer treatment, flu, broken bones, anything I feel the need to see a doctor about is covered. I just give the receptionist at any hospital my health card and the government takes care of it.

        What are you so scared of? The rest of the world is socialist and a lot of us are doing better than you. Canada has literally had only 27 mass shootings in its history, and hasnt had one in a few years. Your country has had several this year. Capitalism HAS NOT worked for you people, and you continue to let your country shorthand you.

        • Phil me Cracken

          Sorry dipshit, you are a fool. There is no free healthcare in Canada or anywhere else. You either pay for it directly or you pay for it in high taxes. Only a complete fool thinks something is Free because it’s taxed and taken from you instead of you paying out of your pocket. It’s the same thing. Canadians with money don’t wait in the long lines you poor morons do waiting for your subpar shit healthcare. They come to the US and pay for it and get it immediately. Nobody flocks to Canada for your healthcare.
          Wow you made 12 ” Canadian ” dollars a year at 22? Yeah that’s something to be proud of. Hahahaha
          12 Canadian equals 9 US dollars.
          And you took home less because of your high taxes.
          25,000 Canadian dollars is not shit either doofus.
          I make over 250,000 US dollars a year. I paid for my education years ago.
          Capitalism has brought more people out of poverty than any other economic system ever devised. Your obviously a little punk who still lives with his mother if you can only command 12 Canadian dollars an hour at age 22. By age 22 I had over 100,000 dollars in my bank account from working part time saving for college. I paid for college from my own pocket and not having to take out any student loans.
          You keep dreaming and maybe someday when you grow up you might find out the truth.

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