Liberal Insult Generator


Each insult is randomly generated from several lists of terms. From time to time the terms will be updated (added and subtracted based on relevance, among other things). Any suggestions on what to add can be made in the comments below. Since a new insult is generated every time the page loads insults can be shared by highlighting and copying them.

This is all meant to be taken as tongue in cheek, so don’t take it too seriously. Obviously not all liberals want to fondle and worship demons from hell…because many of them are atheists and that precludes believing in Hell. So, they can go ahead and ignore those insults :-)

Also, conservative insult generators are out there too, you can see one here and here and here, and this one sorta counts. So before this makes liberals all weepy they can check out those links.

Blog posts featuring generated insults can be seen here.

One insult coming right up…


Updated November 3, 2015

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